Harbor House Accessories

The Harbor House brand is part of the US E&E Group, which originated

in the northern part of California, and is housed in a tranquil beach garden

by the Harbor House, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Mendocino 

Redwood Forest, overlooking the vast ocean. Designed by renowned 

designer Louis Christian Mullgardt, the Harbor House, built in 1916, is 

known as the American early 20th century Arts and Craft for its unrepeatable 

back garden seascape, quaint architecture and exquisite mahogany art. One 

of the most representative buildings of the era.

Today, we introduce the lifestyle of the Harbor House to our guests. Harbor

House's products are sourced globally and created by top designers, but 

not too expensive. What we admire is the low price of luxury, with superb 

value and a rich product portfolio, bringing you the perfect shopping 

experience. Currently, Harbor House has a total of 43 self-operated stores 

in 20 cities across the country.

Harbor House is a simple and calm life, a fusion of people and nature, free 

and unrestrained.

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